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Ever had an “ah ha” moment like the scene from Matrix after Neo takes the red pill?  He realizes his discomfort comes from conformity – just playing a role, but knowing there’s more out there. 

Many professionals experience this, then read books like “The One Minute Manager”, “Good to Great”, “Organization of The Future”, “Freakonomics” or "A Random Walk Down Wall Street” by authors Blanchard, Collins, Drucker, Levitt and Malkiel respectively.  Each in their own way took the familiar and turned it on its head. 

Wiley’s “Equity Value Enhancement” proposes the same disruptions by placing as much or more emphasis on human capital and risk management than the familiar financial capital metrics.  While the latter has historically been used to examine company performance, it doesn’t go far enough. 

A summary of the book is here: 

It may be bold to suggest the book is a disruptor.  It does raise questions such as the high percentage of benefactor/buyer/seller remorse as well as unfunded buy-sell agreements or the number of companies post-merger that don’t achieve synergies.

These outcomes are irrefutable; yet, are common.  The book goes further.  It demonstrates that bankers, private equity, family offices, insurance, wealth, accounting,  legal advisors and entrepreneurial clients have the untapped potential to free up millions of dollars in value creation by choosing not to follow the “norms” espoused by most.

My ask is simple.  Please let me know if you wish to review one or more chapters of the complementary advance copy and comment.  I would then provide your name and email to the Wiley’s editor and he’ll contact you directly.  Thank you.

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