Final Call for Wiley Book Reviewers

This Wiley book is a conventional wisdom disruptor. What differentiates this book?:

The book demonstrates the financial argument that advisors and owners can better leverage knowledge and relationships to create millions of dollars in equity value

After 1,200+ midmarket engagements, it demonstrates that human capital is as relevant, if not more so, than financial capital to manage risk and create equity value

The book has been favorably reviewed by 200+ CPAs, attorneys, valuators, CXOs, academics, PE/VCs, wealth/insurance advisors and family office/business owners

All net proceeds of the book go to a 503(c) that supports equine, canine and combat PTSD therapies (the author is a USMC combat officer veteran)

Author has 25+ years of strategy, finance, operational audit, risk management, entrepreneurship, academic and executive background

If interested, please send a private response with your email. You can review any number of chapters from one to three. While there is no hard stop date (1/2 hour to read most chapters), the comments (2 - 4 sentences) are requested by 10/14 if you want them to be considered for the dust jacket or within the book. 

Thank you!

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