Why I Wrote Equity Value Enhancement ("EVE")

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First, I won't beat around the bush.  Please invest $85 in a book that has thousands of dollars of fresh ideas by clicking here.  Money back if you find no value. With your help, EVE can be an Amazon best seller!  It's already #1 in its category.  Talk about stretch goals.  First, serving as USMC combat officer; then developing land in Costa Rica; then running for U.S. Senate.... My passion has always been to serve.

While some consider what I do (what's this worth?) is who I am, I live, eat and breathe value creation (so much more than financial engineering).  This book is more about mastery of relationships and risks than being a strategic value architect.  Mastery means executing a strategy to align advisors' and owners' expectations and efforts for liquidity, legacy, leverage, learning or litigation events whether planned or unplanned.

Ultimately, this is to be a success-to-significance steward in what can be the most humbling asset clients own - an equity position in a company.  So, while I advise and litigate on matters of equity value, I wrote the Wiley & Sons "EVE" to share the wisdom of hundreds of advisors and owners over the past 25 years.

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But about stretch goals and serving... Since I don't know my expiration date (our 5 kids do!), I try to live my bucket list on a daily basis.  My next chapter is to take EVE's proceeds and fund a 501(c)3 that rescues dogs and BLM mustangs that will be used for canine and equine therapy in healing some of the 600,000 veterans suffering from combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ("PTSD").

This will be part of the offerings at TwoBearsRanch.org (will also host spiritual and business retreats as well as other ranch operations).  The balance is to raise capital for this ranch as a form of impact investing.  If you want to read an advance "draft" of the first few EVE chapters; learn more about the ranch or contact me visit my website.   Please order EVE at Amazon.com today

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