Those who are unable to think out-of-the-box are doomed to remain in the box or are they?

Undoubtedly you’re busy, so I’ll be super brief.

John Wiley & Sons will be releasing my book in December. The cover page(s) will have endorsements and I’m inviting you to receive, review and comment on an advance copy.

You can either choose to read one or a few chapters or the whole book per the editor. The book addresses owners leveraging the knowledge and relationships advisors have, which in turn lowers risk and elevates equity value. Win x3! 

Book Summary Link:

If interested, please let me know before Friday, 9/25. I will need your name and email address. Otherwise, if you wish to forward this request to an owner or advisor who might benefit from participation please let me know with the same requested details. Thank you!

Forgive me if you have received this quest separately by other channels.

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