Whether you need a business valuation for legal, financial or insurance purposes, or simply as a benchmark to enhance performance, you demand accurate and timely service. We've been offering business solutions and anxiety relief since 1954 with IRS and court-qualified reports of full and partial business interests.

Our analysts each average 25 engagements annually. We’ve performed thousands of engagements for litigation and tax matters for all major industries, experience that frees time, saves money, and reduces stress for you and your advisors. What sets us apart is the fact that our resources are solely dedicated to the valuation process; there is no seasonal crunch or learning curve like you’d find with individuals or organizations that spend less than 25% of their time performing this service. 

Now, that's peace of mind.

The valuation process usually begins with an initial 5-10 minute phone call, during which we’ll gather sufficient information to give you a quote for services. Knowing your company’s value isn’t a luxury…it’s a necessity, and something you want to learn before you find yourself in a “fire drill.”