If there's anything we've learned after serving thousands of clients, it’s that every business valuation situation is unique. We listen to your advisors about what your needs are, but we want to hear what is important directly from you. We know your business is your baby, and you’ve sacrificed to create a legacy, not just achieve short-term goals. We learn how best to serve your needs and aspirations by understanding your anxieties and priorities.

You may want us to:

  • Benchmark what your business is worth, especially its intangible value
  • Provide assistance in a legal matter, business dispute, dissolution or damages with an expert report and testimony
  • Provide strategic planning advice
  • Help you optimize risk management by leveraging debt and equity
  • Produce a competitive analysis measuring factors influencing growth
  • Offer wealth/asset management guidance to minimize tax implications of equity transfers

Regardless of your need, we have the experience and the expertise to help you determine what’s next, a question that eventually is asked by every small and medium-size business owner.

Eliminate anxiety that comes with uncertainty. Call us. We'll listen.

What We Offer


Business Valuations


  • IRS and Court Qualified
  • Litigation Support
  • Arbitration/Mediation
  • Disputes
  • Dissenting Shareholder Action
  • Marital Dissolution
  • Economic Loss/Damages
  • Eminent Domain
  • Valuation 2nd Opinion
  • Intangible Assets ~ Goodwill
  • Partial (Minority) Interests
  • Fairness Opinions
  • ESOP/Pre-IPO
  • Buy/Sell ~ Buy In/Out
  • Estate Planning/Transfer
  • LP/LLC Asset Holding Co.
  • “C” to “S” Status Change
  • Gift/Estate Tax Transfers
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Divestures
  • Performance Benchmark
  • Discount & Premia Calculation
  • Purchase/Transfer


Advisory Services


  • Interim CEO/COO/CFO
  • Executive Coaching/Mentoring
  • Advisory Board
  • Member/Facilitator
  • Exit Strategies
  • Merger & Acquisition/Divestures
  • Turnarounds/Realignments
  • Sourcing Debt & Equity Options
  • Financial Analysis & Management
  • Risk Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Asset Management/Allocation
  • Business Plan
  • Strategic Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Due Diligence Review
  • Operational and Financial Reviews
  • Special Projects
  • Project Management
  • Facilitate Brainstorming Sessions
  • Developing Alliances/Joint Ventures