Reviews by Attorneys

Most business owners dream of leveraging wealth in order to enjoy greater retirement income, larger transfers to family members, and/or bigger gifts to charity. Unfortunately, the “abysmal statistics” referenced in Carl’s book show how little wealth actually transfers to the desired recipients.  Too often, advisers do not work together effectively. Carl’s book explains how a wise adviser can coordinate up to 33 different types of advisers to manage more than 30 operational risks while helping each business owner realize his or her dreams.

Tim Voorhees, JD, MBA, AEP®, President, Family Office Services, Inc, Principal Partner
Matsen Voorhees Mintz LLP

Carl is a very introspective individual.  He approaches family businesses and public companies with a holistic approach; not just a single focus.  Having grown up in a family owned business in manufacturing and working with many family businesses, I know firsthand that Carl understands the dynamics inherent in certain family businesses, and that provides true value.   Carl has a talent for sizing up a business for its value, challenges, and governance.  Having worked with him, he is someone I would love to work with again for his impressive and consistent ability to create value and help businesses grow.

James M. Hill, Vice Chairman, Chairman of the Private Equity Practice Group, and former Managing Partner Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP

When I first met Carl, I thought he appraised businesses.  When clients met with him, they knew that he was smart and perceptive but their question was, how much does he charge?  My clients assume that appraisers are all the same.  Carl’s book shows how a service provider can differentiate himself.  When Carl is hired he provides the appraised value of a business but Carl’s complete services also provides the client the guidance to build and enhance their company’s value.  The results are happy clients and a successful trusted adviser.

Andrew J. Sussman, Esq.
Attorney At Law

Carl focuses. He focuses on value notions based on opportunity spaces comprising less competition, more income and fewer clients with larger more lucrative matters—wherein everyone wins. His thesis is as much about “stop doing something old” as “start doing something new.” Carl replaces “It’s not my job” with “It is my job”—when he establishes a strong willingness to learn the merits underlying deep analyses of risk/return that underpins value determination. He guides his readers and shows them how to unlock value by focusing on creating alignment between client ecosystems. Carl grows his “A-game” and that of his clients by expanding trusted advisors—only the best—and by integrating those advisors’ knowledgeable bases and linkages relative to client benefits. Maybe most importantly, Carl leads the herd by always setting the same side of the table as his clients—and boiling his analyses to a framing of spend v. risk-adjusted-benefits received.

Michael Keeling, Esq., Partner
Keeling Law Offices, PC.

Dr. Sheeler's book provides a thoughtful and intuitive analysis of generating value as a business person. It provides insider knowledge from an industry leader in a comprehensible way. Dr. Sheeler is incredibly thorough in his explanation of why his method for creating value works. If you want to create value in any industry, then this book is a vital addition to your library. It will teach you how to attract valuable clients and provide sought-after advice and counsel.

Frantz C. Farreau, Esq.
Attorney At Law

In my practice I am often required to advise clients on the value of an ongoing business enterprise.  Lawyers are not trained to value businesses.  After reading this book, Equity Value Enhancement, I am now much better equipped to understand and advise on the issue of valuation, and know what to look for during either discovery or investigation.  Thank you Carl!  

Patrick J. Stark, Esq., Managing Partner
Stark & D’Ambrosio, LLP

Now more than ever, the brain power and the people skills of trusted advisors and company leadership--whether in the field of wealth, law, banking, accounting firms or any business--creates value by going that extra mile, developing the business relationships and the expertise to the point where "fees become secondary to benefits gained" from the relationship, thereby enhancing shareholder value, driving investor expectations and making capital go further. Carl Sheeler, in his role, as "chief-of-staff" and trusted business advisor, provides key takeaways on every page of his latest book, integrating years of insight and sharing terrific tools to both plan for, execute, and operate that "benefits-received" company and professional development pathway at the apex level.

Victorine F. Froehlich, Esq. 

Carl has transcended the field of business valuations and created an invaluable resource for the business owner and all of his or her trusted advisors to not only understand what makes their business more valuable in the marketplace but focuses on how to find and work with the right advisors to enhance the real value of the business for continued ownership and possible future sale. Entrepreneurial business owners along with their management teams and outside advisors who fully engage with the insights shared by Carl in Equity Valuation will experience profound results.

David K. Cahoone, Esq.
Attorney, Author & Public Speaker

In Equity Value Enhancement, Carl Sheeler demonstrates why he is one of the nation’s leading experts in helping drive additional value to businesses. This is a must read for all advisors who serve the owners of closely held businesses.

Jonathan A. Mintz, Esq.
Matsen Voorhees Mintz LLP

Equity Valuation represents a distinctive view of valuation presented within a tight, comprehensive context relevant to executives, professional advisors and business owners that want “to lead the herd.” In this book, Dr. Carl Sheeler demonstrates his many years of experience and high level technical expertise reflecting strong quantitative grounding, precision of thought and high-level understanding of risk management and value creation. This highly readable resource reflects a deep understanding of the marketplace and discusses pragmatic approaches to enhancing value and building win-win relationships. This is a must-read for those that that truly want to excel and make a difference.

Thomas J. Handler, J.D., P.C., Managing Partner; Chairman, Advanced Planning & Family Office Practice Group
Handler Thayer, LLP